Risk factors of migraine


Given that the cause of the disease is not fully known, the risk, in particular triggers, which are highly specific to each migraine. Triggers are of two types. Uncontrollable factors include, for example, the menstrual cycle, weather changes, weather and other factors, over which we have no influence the contrary, controlled by trigger factors such as stress, lack of sleep, passive Smoking, some meals, bright lights, loud sounds, bright scents, etc., which can be avoided. Each migraine, therefore, should identify their controllable factors and try to avoid them in everyday life.

Mileage migraines can also contribute to excessive use of certain medications, including barbiturates and opiates. It is often sufficient for the complete disappearance of migraine attacks in only discontinuation of hormonal contraceptives. http://walmedicine.info/

Prevention of migraine

Effective prevention of migraine does not yet exist. Scientists agreed that migraine, as with many other diseases, and hereditary diseases. If she suffers one of the parents is a 50% chance that the offpring will also take place. But if her suffering parents, who are both, this is an opportunity to 85%. In order to improve the quality of life should guide migraine calendars. It migraine recorded all stressful events during the 24 hours before a migraine, and all the products after that time period, ate.

Signs and symptoms of migraine – A migraine is like many other diseases, also in several stages.


This stage is very n warning point informed of their own illness. As a rule, publish mood changes, history, but, nervousness, fatigue, depression, irritation, etc. However, often these symptoms are so small that they migraine


This step is not always present. This is only about 20% migraine and usually lasts from 5 minutes to 1 hour.

A pain

We are talking about medium and large unbearable headaches, which, as usual, has great character, located unilaterally, mostly in the area of the eye. The heart may be accompanied by vomiting and nausea. This stage is migraine the most dangerous and painful. At the moment, in principle, looking for a quiet, dark room.

Among often the symptoms of migraine include numbness for sound, visual, gustatory and tactile stimuli. Migraine also may experience internal chaos, drowsiness, irritability, dizziness, dimness of sight or double vision. Stronger migraines, usually accompanied by and vomiting, which is characterized by the fact that there comes relief.


In this latter phase occurs, do not return, and the headache gradually. Can take from hours to several days and, as usual, in principle, fatigue and lack of appetite.

Diagnosis of migraine

This disease there is no objective test, and, therefore, is the diagnosis primarily based on history. With the help of standardized questionnaires that have certain criteria. The doctor will ask for the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks, if present aura, how long lasted, and what the character has headaches, whether they were pulsating, unilateral, and if it was to be present nausea (nauseam) or vomiting. It is also important physician to explain the circumstances under which migraine the attack happened and all the symptoms that you have.

Treatment of migraine a double character includes Troubleshooting starting factors, lifestyle changes, application of cold compresses on the forehead and the classification methods of relaxation. Pharmacological treatment based on the use of drugs of several types. We can divide them into farmaka for the treatment of acute migraine (painkillers, triptany) and medicines used to constantly working against the emergence of migraines (profilactic treatment). Migraine should, however, take only those medications prescribed by a doctor. A lot of people cures migraine headaches simple painkillers (Ibalgin, Aspirin, Acylpirin, Paralen, etc.), which have only a temporary effect and can be addictive or cause daily headaches.

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